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Testimonial about the Lisa Barton Team

Marsha was genuinely extraordinary to work with. We were “walk-ins” with no prior relationship to her and are from out of town so knew essentially nothing about the areas in which she works. We heavily relied upon, and reaped enormous benefits from her expertise, ultimately purchasing a home we are very happy with. Among the stellar attributes that made Marsha such a pleasure to work with are her vast knowledge of the market, her ability to listen to what her buyers are looking for rather to push her own agenda or interest in a sale, her candor, her resourcefulness, and her persistence. She is also a workhorse who was available as a sounding board and otherwise at all times. In fact, she has continued to be an invaluable resource since our purchase. I can’t imagine anyone better to partner with and entrust with such a major decision.

Andrea Robinson and Jonathon Talamo

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