Testimonial from Brad Long | Lisa Barton Team Ponte Vedra Beach

Testimonial about the Lisa Barton Team

Being from out of state moving to the Ponte Vedra area I was concerned that finding a good realtor was going to be difficult. Thankfully I came across Tonya. She was very helpful and very organized as we sorted through the list of properties to view. I visited Ponte Vedra on several occasions flying in from out of state. Tonya made extra efforts when she picked me up at the airport. I found this extremely accommodating with my travels back and forth. Each time I arrived she had a well planned agenda for the day. The process was great and I would highly recommend Tonya to anyone looking to buy a home in the area. I closed on my home at the end of December 2015 and not sure it would have been possible without Tonya's expertise and help.

Brad Long

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