Ponte Vedra Beach Hurricane Preparedness

To help you be prepared for this hurricane season our team has pulled together some resources we hope you’ll find helpful.


Knowing where to start when beginning to prepare for hurricane season can be overwhelming. A few of the essential elements include:

  • An emergency supply kit
    • You may lose access to power and water; you should have 2 weeks of essential supplies on hand if you plan on staying in your home during a hurricane.

Evacuation Information

  • "A mandatory evacuation is a protective action to help save lives when a clear danger to life exists. It is a “mandatory” evacuation order because once issued, under Florida State Statute 252.36 (5) (e), evacuation is required. Returning to an evacuated area before the evacuation order is lifted is also prohibited under this law.” You will not be ordered to evacuate unless there is a clear threat to your well-being.
  • When leaving, be sure your vehicle is fueled and that you depart in a timely manner. Try to take one car per family and bring the items necessary for long travel times.

Staying Informed

Staying informed during a storm is extremely important.

  • To sign up for emergency alerts in text, email, or call from St. Johns County visit alertstjohns.com.
  • Local radio stations include:
    • WFCF Flagler College Radio | 88.5 FM
    • WFOY Newstalk | 102.1 FM
    • WOKV Jacksonville | News 104.5 FM
    • WSOS St. Augustine | 103.9 FM - 1170 AM
    • WYRE | Beaches 105.5 FM
  • Local TV Station include:
    • Action News Jax - CBS47 / Fox30
    • First Coast News - NBC12 / ABC25
    • News4Jax - WJXT4 The Local Channel
    • St. Johns County Government Television

Hurricane Recovery

  • Only return to your home or business when told to do so by the appropriate authorities. Have a valid ID with your current address because it may be required for re-entry.
  • Avoid power lines, particularly when removing downed trees.
  • Keep driving to a minimum to reduce traffic for emergency vehicles.
  • Keep an eye out for wildlife driven to higher ground by floods.
  • Only place generators outside, away from doors and windows.
  • Never drive or walk through flood waters as you don’t know what dangers are below the surface.
  • Take pictures of all damage before repairing and keep repair receipts.
  • After flooding, drinking water may be contaminated. Decontaminate by boiling for five minutes.
  • If using a contractor for repairs, ensure they are licensed in Florida.

For more detailed hurricane preparedness and recovery information check out St. Johns County’s Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

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Savannah Rooney

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